Woodpeckers Lake

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Woodpeckers Lake 1This beautiful, popular water has 30 pegs. Very well stocked with a large selection of species.

These include 5 species of Carp to 28 lb, Tench and Bream to 7 lb, Perch and Chub to 4 lb, also Rudd, Roach and ornamentals. Baits most popular on Woodpeckers are (year round) maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat (especially popular), and floating baits – crust and dog biscuits – are good summer baits.

Match winning weights on Woodpeckers are often in the 70lb area.

For your convenience, a detailed water depth contour map of this lake is available to purchase at www.contourmapfishing.co.uk

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Mitzi mentions that "Maggots, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, bread and dog biscuits work well on MY lake"