Ospreys Lake

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Ospreys Lake 1For something a little different, fish off one of our bridge-linked islands.

Ospreys is our newest lake and is now a firm favourite with a lot of our regulars. Again, a very well stocked lake with similar species to Woodpeckers, but with 40 pegs. Perch in Ospreys reach a very healthy 5 lb +, and also holding good numbers of Chub. BARBEL INTRODUCED IN MARCH 2014 !! Summer floating baits – dog biscuits and crusty bread – guarantee very good sport. Year round baits – maggots, sweetcorn and luncheon meat. Again – match weights reach 70lb + on Ospreys.

For your convenience, a detailed water depth contour map of this lake is available to purchase at www.contourmapfishing.co.uk

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Beaver boasts that "Dog biscuits and crusty bread in the summer for good sport, and year round try maggots, sweetcorn and luncheon meat when fishing on MY lake"